Friday, September 19, 2014


One story I've been meaning to tell happened four or five years ago during the summer.

For just about all of the guys we've met, we've found online and I've done all of the looking.  Typically if someone writes us, I'll read it, see if I think Lori would be interested, and then show Lori. If  Lori's interested, we'll set up a meeting, but usually only after I've emailed and gotten a good sense of what the person was looking for and if he seemed like a  nice guy.  On a couple of occasions there was none of that planning, both times on a business trip, and both times she had been by herself at a hotel and met the guys at the bar.  That's pretty typical I guess, business trips seem to be the place to meet and play without ones spouse knowing.

This time however was definitely different.  We had been at a local bar overlooking "the river" and enjoying the sun and outdoor deck.  There was a band playing that was great and we wound up staying for a number of hours during the day. Somewhere during the day, we had struck up a conversation with the table next to us and wound up joining the group at the table.  There were a couple girls and a couple guys, the girls however weren't girlfriends of the guys just a couple friends.  After a few drinks the girls had to leave and it was the two guys, me, Lori and a female friend of ours, Ingrid who was also a fellow player.   Lori and Ingrid were definitely flirting, - the guys were in their 30's, very good looking, a bit on the "business casual/preppy" side - but fun and outgoing. 

After another hour or so, the band had quit playing and the sun was starting to go down.  We were figuring we would just call it a night, however a friend of ours (Dan - who was one of Lori's first) text me and said he had just picked up his new boat, - a 40 foot cabin cruiser.  We decided to go and convinced the guys to come along with us.   Lori, Ingrid and I drove in my car, and Jens and his friend followed us.  It took about 20 minutes to get there with a stop at a liquor store on the way.  On the ride, the girls kept talking about how cute they were.

When we arrived, we couldn't believe it - the boat was beautiful.  It had a big area with leather seating that wrapped around the back of the boat and a fairly good size table in the middle.  From there you could go up a level to the area where you would drive the boat, or you could go down a level to a kitchen, a small area to sit in, a tiny bathroom and a bedroom at the back.   It wasn't the queen Mary, but it was quite the boat. 

Dan and his girlfriend were already pretty drunk, and another couple from the boat next to us were hanging out with Dan as well.  The five of us broke out our drinks and we all started drinking more.  The night carried on with more drinking, laughing, getting crazy and just having a blast.

I'm not sure how it happened or got started, but Ingrid and one of the guys wound up kissing, and Dan was definitely instigating as much craziness as he could.  Dan was kissing and playing with his girlfriend and trying to get whomever to get crazy as well.  Dan's girlfriend however had had enough of the craziness and enough drinking and made her way back to the bedroom. 

Somewhere along the way, Ingrid and Jens friend took off for a walk, leaving me, Dan, Lori, Jens and the couple from the boat next to us.   The couple from the boat next to us said they were going to leave, Dan grabbed the guys wife and kissed her.  She was a little wild and kissed Dan back.  Her husband just laughed and headed back to their boat.  The next thing I knew, Jens and Lori were kissing.  I had no idea how that happened, I guess I wasn't watching who started it and I never asked.

Now I felt a little left out and jumped off the boat and took a walk up the dock to see if I could see Ingrid and the guy she was with.   Well, at the end of the dock his truck was parked and I could see the two of them making out, so I turned around and walked slowly back to Dan's boat.  When I got there Dan and the girl were just talking and laughing.   I immediately noticed Lori and Jens were missing and I figured they were down in the kitchen area.  I hung with Dan and the girl for a bit and finally said I was going down to the kitchen to grab a beer.  I expected to see Lori and Jens making out down there, but when I got down there, there was nobody there.   I knew they weren't in the bedroom, Dan's girlfriend was crashed in there.   I was a little confused and figured they maybe went for a walk.  I looked around and one last thought crossed my mind.  I walked over to the bathroom and pushed on the door.  It was one of those doors that folds in the middle like and old phone booth.  The door moved about five inches before it hit something, but it opened enough where I could see Lori propped up on the edge of the sink, - her pants off and her legs spread with Jens fucking her furiously.  She looked at me and mouthed "get out of here".  I quickly closed the door and just stood there for a few, listening to her moaning ... I went back to the kitchen grabbed a beer and hung on the steps that lead up to the middle deck.  

About ten minutes later the bathroom door opened and Jens and Lori walked out ... she had a big smile on her face and Jens looked a bit dazed and confused.  Jens was not a player, just a guy we met at the bar.  He was definitely happy though.  They both hung in the kitchen area, touching and kissing some and I walked back down and talked with them for a while.   A few minutes later, Dan came down as well.  The four of us talked and Dan somehow got them to go into the little sitting area and start playing again.  I'm not really sure how he did it - it's tough to remember, but this time Lori motioned for me to come back with them. Within a few minutes they were fucking again, right in front of me and Dan.  Jens told Lori she should be making me happy as well, so she unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock for a while.   It was great, but Jens and Lori were both a little spent and we all had to drive home.

After a few more minutes of Lori sucking on my cock and Jens fucking her, we decided to call it a night.  We all walked back to our cars (except Dan) and said good night.  We found Ingrid who was now just talking to Jens friend.  After some good night kisses, Jens and his friend said good night and Lori, Ingrid and I drove off, waving bye again to the guys.

It turns out that Ingrid and the other guy dated for a while, but Lori never saw or talked to Jens again. 
Although it was just a one time thing, it was definitely a wild experience.   The surprise of opening the bathroom door seeing Lori with her legs spread getting fucked and loving it, and giving me that look was priceless. 

Since then we've sort of planned out all of the meetings with guys we've had since then.  At times we talk about Lori and one of her friends going out and partying in the city, getting a room and seeing if they could meet someone, but that hasn't happened.  Not a problem, right now we're enjoying the beginning of what seems like it will be a hot passionate affair.   But that night on the boat will always be one of my favorite memories.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's been a long time ...

It has been quite some time since I posted on here, mostly because life has been crazy busy and when things get crazy, unfortunately stuff like posting to a blog becomes something that just never gets done.   However, considering the latest turn of events, and that I have some spare time, I thought I might create a new post, and catch everyone up on what has been happening.   I think it actually has been years since I posted here ... and quite a bit has happened!

The last I had posted, I think my wife was in a pretty hot and heavy affair.  Well, just like all good things ... this too came to an end.   Not any sort of abrupt ending, but more of a transformation.  He is now a very good friend of ours and he is spending more time with his wife and kids.   Although Lori will always have a very large place in her heart for him, she has moved on.

Over the past few years, they've gotten together and made love a handful of times, each time was pretty hot, very hot in fact, but he has been less and less available and Lori has been less and less excited about sex in general, and so, it just faded out.

I had been trying to get Lori to get excited again about meeting a new guy, finding a hot and passionate affair to get her libido going, but she just never seemed overly excited.

Last summer Lori met an extremely hot guy, tall, handsome, young (early 30's), great body, very nice guy, and all of the sudden, that spark was back.  She made love to him in our pool, in our bed, in our living room, - in a matter of a week, she had gone from not much excitement to a serious crush.   Then, he just disappeared.   I think maybe she liked him too much and he was just looking for total no string attached.  After that - getting Lori excited about meeting someone new got more and more difficult.

We continued to hang on and off with her old boyfriend - a few times they made love, and it was great, but it was not going to be the same ... they were close friends and nothing more.

I managed to get Lori to meet another guy, he was good looking with a great body, mid 40's, lived about 20 miles away.   It seemed perfect - we met one night at a restaurant half way between where we lived, wound up playing music trivia at the bar and the two of them seemed to really hit it off.
By the next weekend, we were seeing him again, and Lori was pretty excited about seeing him, - we played pool at a local bar, and Lori and Steve (that was his name) played some in his car before we went home.   When we got in the car, she said she wanted to fuck him.  I was a little surprised, I wasn't sure the feeling was there for her.   So, the two of them kept in touch, and we saw him again the next weekend.  This time we went to a local pub close to our house, and came back to our house to play.   Lori and Steve went up to the bedroom after kissing for a while down at our bar, and the two of them had what I thought was great sex.

Unfortunately the next day, Lori told me she just didn't feel the chemistry.  We met him again and they had sex again, and this sealed the deal for Lori, she just didn't have the sexual chemistry.  She told him she liked him, but the chemistry just wasn't there.

Not only were we back to the drawing board, but I think Lori's excitement about meeting anybody was lower than ever.   I started figuring we would be giving up on it.  That was how last summer ended.

The entire winter we just went about life, nothing too fun, just hanging with friends, partying.  We both sort of stopped working out ... just didn't seem overly excited by anything.  We got two new puppies and that took our lives over.

Fast forward to this summer and I had convinced Lori that we needed a boost in our sex lives, we hardly had sex, and when we did, it wasn't earth shattering, we hardly even did ourselves together anymore.  We definitely needed something - she needed something.  So I convinced her to try meeting one more guy.

Well, we looked again, and found a couple guys that seemed to fit the bill - we tried to get together with them, but they seemed to always have an excuse.  One we made plans with three times, each time at the last minute, he cancelled for some crazy reason.   We did meet one guy ... Michael, he was extremely handsome and had a chiseled hairless body.  Amazing body, this got Lori very excited, and he seemed like a great guy.   We went out with him a couple times, had a good time, - he was quiet but nice ... and again, it wound up him coming back here and the two of them going upstairs and having sex.   She said it was pretty good, he was very gentle, but she said he didn't seem very excited by her.   We met up with him a couple more times, but each time he didn't seem very interested.  Each time we also got the feeling he may actually be more into guys then women, even though he totally claimed he was straight.   We told him to text us or call us if he wanted to get together, but we weren't going to text him ... this would give us a good idea if he was interested.   He never did.

Again, back to square one.  Not sure how much more "meeting" people Lori was up for.   I guess for her, even if we met someone, it was basically a night out meeting someone new, having some drinks and she was pretty open minded.  At this point, she had zero expectations.

About three weeks ago, I received an email on AFF, saying Hi .. would be interested in meeting.  I wrote back and got some pictures, emailed back and forth a few times.  This guy (another Mike) seemed like a nice guy, in decent shape, though in his pictures he was fully clothed, and he seemed pretty good looking, but nothing spectacular.  Lori agreed to meeting him.

Well, we planned on meeting at a sports bar, he go there first, called me and said it had closed down.  Well, I came up with the idea of going to a Chinese restaurant that had karaoke because it was the only thing I could think of.  Well, we met, and he was extremely outgoing and fun, and turns out his pictures didn't do him justice.   He also doesn't drink, which is different for us, - we like to drink and get a good buzz on.   Well, the night went by and before I knew it, Lori and Mike were kissing at the bar.   I was a little blown away ... but the two of them totally hit it off.  We stayed somewhat later than I thought we would and she went in his truck with him to say good night, and they made out for a bit while I waited.  She got in my car and was so excited. 

The very next day, they were texting back and forth and it was getting quite hot, some very wild texts were going back and forth.   Then, something totally amazing, Lori bailed out of work early and he met her at our house.  The two of them took only a few minutes before they were kissing out on the deck.  They were going to go upstairs but Lori wanted to jump in the pool.  So they both got naked and jumped in, - within minutes Lori was sitting on the side of the pool while Mike licked her pussy.  It was extremely hot to watch ... but that only lasted a little bit.   The two of them headed upstairs and had some extremely hot and passionate sex.  They did everything ... 69, fucked in all sorts of positions, even back door!  Amazing ...

Lori was definitely hooked on this guy.   But she wasn't sure he was going to stick around, - she was now paranoid ... all the great looking guys with great body's seemed to be out just to chalk another one up and move on.  

Well the week went by and the following Thursday night, Lori and I were out at a local bar with friends and Lori text Mike, asked if he wanted to come out for a drink.   (wow, she usually tries to keep these things super discrete).   Mike said yes and showed up.  The two of them acted very discrete, she barely talked to him the first hour.  I wound up talking quite a bit to him - but that was good it made it look like he was more a friend of mine.   Well, as the night went on, the band started playing and the two of them started dancing.  They then proceeded to dance the rest of the night.
Lori loves dancing and guys that can dance.  Mike loves dancing - which is different from anyone she knows, and he dances quite well.   This just got Lori hotter and hotter.

We had planned to meet up that Saturday night at a singers party if we could get in - so we figured we'd see him Sat night.   Well, the following day, Lori and Mike texted and amazingly enough, we wound up out again on Friday night with him.  This time at a great club that was somewhat far from us, so the two of them could dance and flirt.  I wound up watching them dance all night long, grinding on the dance floor, kissing, grinding, etc.   It was extremely hot!  I love it when she's out in public with a guy, kissing him, grinding, etc - it's such a turn on.
The night ended and she went in his truck with him again, but he had to get up the next morning ... so they just kissed and rubbed each other some and he said he had to call it a night.
The two of us went home, I let the dogs out and came up to bed to find Lori already using her toy on herself.  We talked about how she felt and she is definitely hot for him,  she said she wanted to fuck him right on the dance floor.

Well, the next day came and we did get the OK to go to the swinger party, so we went and picked him up on the way.   The two of them hung together all night, Lori had on a really hot shirt with no back and no bra.  The two of them were kissing and playing with each other most of the night right in public.  A few times she introduced Mike to people they met as her boy-toy, and she pointed me out as her husband. It was pretty wild.    Lori and Mike couldn't wait any longer, they grabbed an open bedroom and went in, - Lori told me to come in with them so I could watch.  That was extremely hot.
So, I did - and within minutes they were fucking like crazy, - and only minutes later, Lori was cumming like crazy just from him fucking her.  Lori NEVER cums from fucking so I thought maybe she was faking it, but later that night she told me she absolutely came from him fucking her.
Mike finished and told me to take my clothes off and fuck my wife!  Lori looked at me and said, "well, c'mon" ... I stripped in two seconds flat - jumped on and fucked her like crazy.  I didn't come though, too much was going on I guess.   We finished with the room and enjoyed the rest of the party.  Later we drove MIke home where they both made out for a while and Lori and I went home.  When we got home, we did ourselves together in bed ... (what we usually do because Lori doesn't usually want to have sex with me).  Lori was so turned on ... and she was telling me how HOT she is for Mike, how he is THE ONE, and she could totally fall head over heals in love with him.  WOW, - that blew me way.   We both came like crazy!

It's been a few days since that night - Lori is at her daughters house for the week, but Lori and I talk and she has been telling me that her and Mike have been texting all day long, every day since she got there, some stuff just talking getting to know each other, - other stuff very hot sexting.  Lori's been finishing her nights by doing herself thinking about seeing him again.  They are making plans to see each other when she gets back.  She wants to see him the minute she gets back.

All in all, things are extremely hot and exciting right now!  I can't way to see how this plays out.

I will blog more.  I definitely think this is going to be one hot passionate affair that lasts.  I hope so ... she is so fun and exciting when she is in a hot affair.  

Oh, and Lori told me she thinks it will be quite some time before her and I have sex again.  lol


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Amazing these iPhones, I can create posts on my phone now! I hope to be able to upload more stories and photos faster now. Unfortunately my laptop has been having it's issues, thus posts have been too few and far between.

So what is new with us? Unfortunately not much.

Lori saw her boyfriend again last week. It was a little late so he just came over for some beers and to hang .. It was nice, they seemed like their old selves again. We hung, drank and got a good buzz on! I LOVE sitting across the bar from them, watching them kiss, hug, flirt!

We all hung for a while until they grabbed each others hands and walked upstairs! I hung back for a few then made my way up. As I got close o could hear Lori's moans! I hung quietly by the door and secretly watched and listened to them make love and fuck for at least an hour! It was so hot! They did some seriously rough and hard fucking and sucking!

I thought wahoo they're back! But the next day Lori said it was nice ... But she thinks she wants to meet someone new!

This sort of blew my mind, the sex sounded intense and hot!!! Well I think Lori is getting bored. I don't think it is anything else. It was incredibly hot for a while but he just couldn't get out often enough and text enough to keep it hot, keep the passion up.

Well now were looking again for that hot perfect guy, this time though he's going to be completely single and want Something hot and passionate that lasts! We shall see, but for now I'm sure well keep playing with the usual suspects ... At least until Lori find the guy she wants to be exclusive with!

Till then I get to get my share as well! :).

Well I'll hopefully post some video clips from my phone! What a great phone! Sitting at a bar writing my blog!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Fast Summer

Wow that was a fast summer.  Looking back on it - it was a lot of fun!  Some nice surprises - an old flame of Lori's came back into the picture for a while ... we had some really nice threesomes.  They both still text regularly - she's also still seeing her current boyfriend on a somewhat regular basis and we even got together with an old friend one night for GREAT sex!   All in all - I'd give the summer an 8 out of 10!

Unfortunately, the summer is pretty much over. Now it's time to break out the fire pit (just bought a new one), stock up on the wood for the fireplace in the house, make sure the hot tub is set for the winter and close the pool.   Although it sucks that fall is here, there are still some great times ahead.  But looking back to some of the more fun summer moments I'd have to say one of the more fun summer moments is from a few summers ago with a friend named Todd.

Todd lived about 25 minutes from our home down south.  He owned a very nice boat on a lake, not a speed boat or a bass boat, but one of those pontoon boats that has the fancy leather seats, a little fridge and plenty of room to party and play.

Lori and I met Todd one night at a very nice outdoor bar on his lake and had a few drinks.  It was fun sitting back acting like I was a third wheel watching him flirt and touch my girlfriend sitting outside at a bar that was local to him.  At one point he had his hand on my wife (girlfriend at that point) and a friend of Todd's came up and said hi.   I could see he seemed a little confused, but we were all somewhat drunk and laughed it off.

Shortly after that we decided to head out.   I knew where Todd's house was and drove to his house, Todd and Lori took Todd's boat back to the house.   I sat on the dock at Todd's house waiting for the two of them to come back - and I could see the boat moving slowly across the lake, but couldn't really see much happening since it was so dark out.  According to Lori, - once her and Todd go moving (slowly) Todd grabbed Lori and started kissing her and feeling her body.  Lori reciprocated by grabbing Todd's cock through his pants and pulling it out.  Within a few minutes Lori was sucking his cock as they drove across the lake.   Luckily the lake wasn't that big and Todd didn't have a chance to cum.

Within a few more minutes, they pulled up in the boat and asked me if I wanted to join them, which of course I did.   We drove back out onto the lake, heading for the largest section of the lake, driving maybe 5 or 10 miles per hour.  Todd asked me if I wanted to drive, so I took the drivers seat and Todd and Lori moved over to a long padded bench seat across from me and proceeded to start kissing.

From there, Todd and Lori got hotter and hotter, kissing each other passionately, kissing each others bodies as they slowly took each others clothes off.   Lori moved back down to Todd's cock and began sucking and stroking him.  At this point, I decided to at least join them in being naked, so I took my clothes off and began stroking myself as I watched my wife suck another mans cock.

Lori stopped after a few as Todd pushed her back and kissed her nipples and then down her stomach and eventually to her hairless pussy.  Todd licked and sucked for quite a bit until Lori was moaning loudly and bucking her body up and down and eventually came like crazy.   Todd kissed back up her body and gently caressed her and kissed her for a while as she caught her breath.  After Lori caught her breath she sat back up and started kissing Todd and stroking his cock.  Within a few minutes she was on top of Todd and fucking him hard as I sat and watched and stroked my cock.   Todd and Lori continued to fuck in multiple different ways as I slowly cruised his boat around the lake.  

At one point I stopped the boat and came over and joined in for a few, fucking Lori doggie style as she sucked Todd's cock, getting him hard again, getting him ready for another round of fucking. 

To me, being out on a lake or a beach, naked, fucking (or watching my wife fucking) is one of the best parts of summer!!!  There's just nothing like being outside under the stars or under the sun playing.

At that point in time, Lori wasn't comfortable with me taking pictures so any that I did take I had to sneak, so this night pictures were out of the question, which is too bad because it would have been great to get some pictures on the boat, out on the lake.

That summer we made a couple more trips out to Todd's house and did a couple more night time cruises on his boat, each time being just as good as the first.  Unfortunately, things seemed to dissipate between Lori and Todd after the summer was over.  I guess it was just a summer fling.  Not really sure why things stopped, I suspect Todd wound up meeting someone and wanted to get serious. (a real problem for those of us who are in this type of relationship)

Maybe this fall we will have a chance to play outside by a fire or something and I'll be able to get some good pictures.  Until then - I'll just have to describe it to the best of my ability.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Night

Last night was a very pleasant surprise.  A very hot guy that we had met a little over a year ago decided it had been too long since he visited with us, so he decided to come up for a visit.  I had actually initiated this by emailing him and telling him Lori was thinking about him over the weekend, and she and Anne were talking and somehow he came up in conversation, and the two of them want to visit him and have a hot threesome with him.  This definitely got his attention, especially when I sent him a picture of Anne's extremely hot body!

We met Russ down south and he was one of Lori's favorites.  Unfortunately he works so much and has his kids on the weekends (or every other weekend) that we hardly ever saw him. Every once in a while we exchange emails, or he sends Lori a text to say hi, or even a naughty picture or video.  Once I told Lori I emailed him and he was up for her and Anne visiting him she was psyched and texted him.

From there they both arranged for him to come up and visit us up north.   He actually lives about half way in between our two houses so his drive up north to visit us wasn't that bad, but long enough where we pretty much planned on him staying the night.

It was 8:00 PM and he arrived.  It was funny because Lori was on the phone with Steve (our friend who we had the foursome with).   She quickly said bye to Steve and hugged and kissed Russ.   The three of us sat at the bar at the house and talked and had drinks.  This was quite different from our typical visit with some of her other boyfriends.  Russ was all about catching up, talking and just being a good friend.  He wasn't touchy feely or really hitting on Lori much at all.  A couple times I went to use the bathroom and I could hear that they stopped talking for a few and started kissing, but overall we just hung and talked and caught up on each others lives for at least an hour.

From there we went to our local hangout.  It's funny seeing peoples reaction to us bringing another male friend out for drinks with us.  They HAVE to know we swing and that Lori is a hotwife.  We sat at the bar and Lori's attention was pretty much 100% focused on Russ.  This felt a little weird actually because I felt as if people were watching.  We hungout, ate and drank for a couple hours and then left.

Once home we sat back at the bar and had another drink.  At this point Lori was pretty buzzed and Russ and I had a bit of a buzz. It didn't take long from there for Lori and Russ to start kissing.  It's SO hot when she is SO into it!  She moved from kissing to rubbing him while he rubbed her body as well.  I sat across the room and just watched.  Within a few moments Lori was sucking Russ's huge cock. (he does have a very big and hot cock).  After watching for a few, I went upstairs and got the room ready, turning on the TV (to some porn), turning on the closet light, etc.   I was about to head downstairs when Russ and Lori walked into the bedroom.  They quickly started kissing and taking each others clothes off.  I moved to the doorway and just watched as the two of them made love.  It was incredible, Lori was holding his dick and teasing it against her wet pussy, rubbing it against it and slipping it in just slightly and then out.   I made sure I moved around to get a good view.  From there Lori jumped on top and fucked Russ like crazy.  Lori fucked him on top like crazy, it was so hot seeing his huge long dick go in and out of her.  She fucked him in ways I have never seen her fuck and they just kept going, switching positions, etc.  

Lori grabbed her toy and started sucking Russ's cock and telling him she wanted to get kinky. Russ said she could do whatever he wanted.  Lori quickly turned her toy on and began fucking Russ in the ass with it as she sucked his cock again.   This was totally hot!  Russ asked Lori if that was turning her on and she said "YES!".  He asked her what turned her on, what she wanted - she said it would freak him out.  Russ is very easy going (not to mention great body, short blond hair and blue eyes) - Russ said he's fine with anything, so Lori said she wants to see him suck a cock or get his cocked sucked by me or fucked in the ass.  We both totally didn't anticipate this, but Lori actually LOVES the thoght of two guys fucking or sucking each other.  Russ was OK with sucking but said he wasn't at the point of fucking or being fucked by a guy (and I agreed with him).  I did however lie next to Lori as she sucked his cock and handed me his cock (we had actually done this with Russ once before).  Lori and I both shared Russ's cock and then I sucked Russ for a good five minutes as Lori just watched and played with herself.  I finally stopped and Russ got on top of Lori and began to fuck her.  I moved up into position and Russ sucked my cock as he fucked Lori (and she watched saying how incredibly hot that looked).  I backed up off the bed so Russ could concentrate - I told him to cum inside her, he asked Lori if she could and she said defintiely.  Within minutes Russ was cumming in Lori, within minutes from that, I was licking Lori's cum soaked pussy.  This is SO hot!

Russ and I both started working on Lori as she started using her toy again. I fingered Lori's cum soaked puss and asshole as she used her to on her clit and Russ sucked her tits.  Within minutes Lori had a huge orgasm.

We all hung out for a little while talking after that, watching some porn.  It was getting late and to make things easy, I said I was going to go to bed in the guest room.  I left the room closing the door behind me (though leaving it open about a half inch).  I got ready for bed and before I finally went to bed, I went in and peaked through the door to see Lori and Russ fucking again.   This was totally hot to watch knowing they both thought I was in bed.  Lori finally got off and said she was spent.  From there Lori and Russ just laid and snuggled.  It was so hot to see my wife in another mans arms, hot from sex and snuggling.

I finally went to bed and finished myself off. 

I woke to the sound of the door closing at around 6:00 AM and saw Russ leaving.  It's pretty incredible consindering it must have been about 2:30 when they finished having sex.  I guess being younger than us gives him more energy.   Lori was pretty hung over ... and had to work a 12 hour day today.  It was totally worth it though, and can't wait to see Russ again.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Away for Vacation

Wow, can't believe it's been since the beginning of August that I've posted.  Sorry for anyone who follows this and was looking forward to reading anything new.

We've been away on vacation and sorry to say, there were no stories to tell from vacation since it was a vanilla vacation visiting family.  However since vacation we have had some interesting times.

Since vacation we have had a chance to get together with one of Lori's boyfriends and the other friend of ours who we tried having a threesome with once.   We were both looking forward to this for qiute some time, the last time things just didn't work due to way too much alcohol and it being so late.

Our friend Steve, who was one of Lori's lovers some time back has been coming around again and we have been hanging out, even fooling around some (she got a 4 handed massage that lasted hours, which wound up ending with a very happy ending for her).  He has recently moved back to the area and looked us up.
All has been great with him, and unfortunately things were going downhill with her current boyfriend, since he has had difficulty getting out and he's been walking on eggshells with his wife now deciding she no longer enjoys swinging.

Steve, Lori, Anne and I all went out to a local bar for dancing and drinking.  We danced and drank until at least midnight, totally enjoying swapping partners on the dance floor, and watching Lori and Anne dance and grind together.  Steve and I got a number of jealous looks from just about every guy in the bar.  Lori and Anne are SO hot together!   Lori was getting pretty hot the entire night, I think she was envisioning Anne laying her back and licking her pussy until she comes.

The night finally ended and we were able to head out by probably 12:30.  (Way later than I wanted actually)
We didn't drink as much as the first time, but still did a shot or two (including some Red Bull)

We returned home and within probably 10 minutes, Lori and Anne were kissing and playing with each other.  This was incredibly hot, especially when Anne pulled Lori's pants down and kissed down to her perfectly hairless pussy.  It was awesome, though Anne kissed her pussy only for a few seconds and went back up.  Shortly after that they both stopped playing.

We drank a little more and the four of us headed up to the bedroom.  All was great to begin with.  I sat back and watched for a  minute as Lori and Anne were playing and Steve was playing with Lori.  Steve talked with Lori quite a bit before this night saying he just wanted Lori, only wanted Lori and was going to fuck her like crazy!   I was just totally into watching Lori and Anne play.   One thing however I didn't know (that Anne had told Lori) was that Anne decided after her first kiss of Lori's pussy that she couldn't do it.  DAMN - not sure why, Lori has the hottest nicest pussy, so it's definitly not Lori, but it turns out Anne is straighter than she led on to be.

The all told me to join in and I quickly came down and started kissing and playing with Anne.  Then it all went down hill.  I hve no idea why, - I think because I really wanted Anne and Lori to play and now Steve was fucking Lori.  (normally that's totally enough to keep me hard).  Within a minute I lost my hard-on again. I couldn't believe it, so I asked Steve to switch and I started licking Lori.  This was fine for a few, but Lori really wanted me to get hard so she started sucking me while I started kissing Lori.  At some point I decided I needed to pee (hoping maybe the 3 of them would all play together), when I came back out, Lori was doing herself with her toy while Steve fucked Anne.  I came back in but Lori came quickly, so Lori and I sort of played with Anne, but Lori said she was tired and headed for the guest bedroom.  I wasn't sure what was going on so I followed and tried to make sure nothing was wrong.  Lori told me to go back in with them and enjoy myself she was really tired and needed to sleep.  

I laid with Lori until she was sleeping and I headed back into the room where Steve was still fucking Anne.  I joined in and Anne started sucking my cock.  I was thinking about Lori and this actually made me hard again, I was pretty hard after a while and thought maybe I'd cum in Anne's mouth (something I don't get with Lori) - but for some reason I decided I wanted to fuck Anne, and I started fucking her, and bam, lost the hard on agian.  At that point I felt like a jerk and apologized and started licking Anne's pussy while Lori sucked Steve's cock.  Both Steve and I switched off and Anne came at least two more times.

After Anne came the second time, I heard something in the hallway and went out there and was very surprised to find Lori in the hallway.  She had watched the entire thing and was a little upset.  We didn't talk much and Anne and Steve both left.  Lori crashed.

The next day we talked and Lori was definitely disappointed that once I asked Steve to switch with me, she pretty much didn't get any action, it somehow became all about Anne.  Steve really was all about fucking Lori and being with her all night - Lori was a little ticked off that he never came back to her after her jumped on Anne. 

I feel totally responsible because I told Steve to switch.

In the end, Lori and I both sort of agree that maybe we'll try it again some time - though not after drinking, and also that maybe I just am not that interested in othe women - that maybe it's all about her having fun and fucking other guys and women.  I tend to think it really is that I'm just all about her having the fun while I watch or hear all about it.

Since that night, Steve met another woman and hasn't talked much to Lori.  I'm not sure if he had a problem with Lori being a little ticked off.  I'm not sure they've talked for more than five minutes since then. (they used to talk every day)  Steve says it's just because he's seeing another woman now, which we are happy for him.  Lori is a little sad that all of the sudden he doesn't call anymore.  I guess it's just part of the lifestyle and these things happen.

The good part is her and her current boyfriend have sort of worked things out and had an incredible date by themselves this past wednesday.  They went out to see a band and have drinks and then came back and made some incredibly hot and passionate love making!

So in the end, all is good!  Just different.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Number two

Although we were lucky to have met such a great guy as Dan our first time out meeting anyone, we turned out to be as equally lucky to have met the next hot guy off AFF as well.   Unfortunately Dan had decided to try to be faithful to his new girlfriend and although we've stayed great friends with Dan, Lori no longer played with Dan.

A couple months after Lori stopped seeing Dan I asked her if she'd like to try meeting someone else.  She hesitated a bit but decided to give it another try.  Lori liked Dan quite a bit and he certainly turned her on, so when he decided to be only with his girlfriend he bummed Lori out quite a bit.   After some discussion though Lori was fine with it and totally ready to try again. 

We talked to Tom via email and scoped him out.  He seemed pretty good looking from his pictures and also seemed like a really great guy.  We gave him directions to meet us at a local bar and headed out.
After waiting for a few Tom showed up.   He was in some ways not as good looking as I had thought from his pictures but still a pretty good looking guy.  Lori didn't seem blown away by his looks, but she did say he was good looking and she thought he seemed like a great guy.

We spent the night talking and hanging out at the bar and decided to head to the next bar which was mch more fun (with dancing).   We hung out at this other bar for a while and decided to call it a night. 
Lori and Tom hung next to the car and kissed good night for quite a while, but nothing major happened.  There was definitely some touching going on, but not much more.

When we got home I expected Lori to say she liked him but didn't care if we met again, so when she said she really liked him quite a bit, I was a bit surprised but very excited.  The two of us had great sex talking about how she had to meet him again and fuck his brains out.

Tom wrote us again quite a bit and began texting Lori.  The more he texted her the more she was getting into it.  He'd text her naughty pictures and she'd send some back, though nothing too crazy.   About a week later Tom wrote us that he had to take a business trip and was going to stay at a hotel at the airport so it would be easier to catch a plane in the morning.  He wanted us to meet him there.  Lori was defnitely psyched.

The night came and we drove out to the airport and to one of the hotels and waited.  He was late and we had to wait in the parking lot, we decided to hit a bar across the street and get a drink.  After a couple quick drinks Tom texted Lori and said he had checked in, so we rushed back and headed up.

Tom met Lori at the door and the two of them kissed passionately.   This blew my mind because I could see a huge chemistry.  We came in and sat down.  We brought a small cooler so we broke out a few beers and just hung out and talked for a few.  Lori sat on the bed with Tom, I sat on the bed across from them.  They didn't seem to be getting anywhere and I wasn't sure if it was me or not, so I finished my beer and headed to the bathroom.  I didn't close the door and I after I peed I noticed I couldn't hear any more talking. I walked to the bathroom doorway and could see in the room mirror that Tom and Lori were on the bed making out.  Within a minute or two Tom had Lori's top off and was sucking her nipples. This always gets Lori going.  Lori quickly got Tom's pants unzipped and pulled out his cock.  Both of us were blown away, Tom had a HUGE cock.  It was only a little wider than average probably, but it was long.  Probably a good 8 or 9 inches.  Lori had never seen a cock like that in real life ... she quickly began sucking on it the best she could.

I stepped out of the bathroom and sat in a chair facing the bed.  By now Lori and Tom were in their own worlds and I could have stood on my head, neither would have noticed.  Within minutes both were naked and they were kissing and hugging passionately.   Tom pushed Lori down on her back and moved his head between her legs and began to lick her pussly like there was no tomorrow.  Lori was in heaven and close to cumming.   I managed to dig out my cell phone and snap a couple pictures, but unfortunately my phone is pretty shitty and the pics were pretty blurry, but I will post a couple anyway.

Lori came quickly and Tom moved up and sucked her nipples and kissed her again.  Lori grabbed Tom's huge cock and moved it to her pussy.  He slowly pushed and I could hear Lori moan ... defintely a moan she had never used with me.  Tom's cock just get going into her and filling her deeper and deeper and Lori kept on making incredible sounds to match.   Tom fucked Lori for quite a bit in that position, giving me a great view of his cock going in and out of Loir's pussy.  (a sight that I am definitely addicted to)

After a few somehow Tom flipped Lori on top of her and Lori began riding Tom's cock like she was a rodeo star.  I think I had an even better view this was of Lori's pussy getting pounded.  After a few they switched back and Tom fucked her missionary style again.  They fucked for a while until Tom pulled out and pulled off his condom and shot a load all over Lori's stomach and chest.   What an incredibly hot sight! 

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tossed it to Tom who cleaned Lori up.

They both laid together naked on the bed, talking, laughing, kissing and playing for at least another hour before Tom had to call it a night.Lori and I headed home but she kept saying how incredible it was and how much she wanted to see Tom again.

Over the next few months Lori and Tom would get together a few more tines, each time it was more passionate and hotter sex.  Each time however wound up being in the back seat of my car (Luckily I have a large comfortable back seat).  It turned out Tom was just starting to see someone as well and was torn between Lori, woh turned him on like crazy and another woman who he could actually be with in a full time relationship.   Unfortunately Tom chose his girlfriend and decided to be faithful to her.

Lori was pretty bummed, but Tom kept texting and sneaking away to see Lori whenever he could.  He would bring a good friend of his whom he trusted enough to tell what was going on, and they both would come out and hang at the bar.  Tom would then head to the car with Lori and the two would make love in the back seat.  Tom's friend and I actually watched one night, and we even joined in.  That was pretty wild, three of us on Lori in a car.  (but that's another story)

Tom finally wound up getting married to his girlfriend and having a child, but he still texts Lori every once in a while and tells her how much he'd love to see her again, but he unfortunately is a faithful guy (but they still sext).  

One good thing that did come of this is we became good friends with Tom's friend Matt.  He was quite handsome, rugged looking and hair down to his ass.  A real biker kind of guy, but a real sweatheart of a guy as well.   Matt and Lori did wind up playing a couple times, but even though there was a great friendship there, the chemistry wasn't quite there and Matt wound up meeting the love of his life.

Matt and his love attended our wedding ... along with many other friends. 

Let's say I was only one of six men that had been with my wife to be at my wedding.  It was a great wedding and that night nobody got to be with her ... the after party lasted until six AM and the only thing Lori had on her mind was sleep!

There are actually many more stories between Tom and our wedding ... but those are for another posting.

We were definitely lucky to have met two great guys right up front from AFF.  I think had they both been failures Lori would have called it quits.   We also met a great guy through Tom as well.  Things were great so we definitely were eager to try again.   Unfortunately - that's when the good luck ran out (for a while at least anyway).